CFFC Spartans and CFFC Clockwork Trials 1/14

Fall 2017 CFSL Premier Division Runner Up and 2016 Champions CFFC Spartans are having their second and final open trial for the Spring 2018 Season. We are looking for solid and highly committed players to help us continue our push to another level. We will be planning a State Cup run and are looking to enter the open qualifying for the 2018 US Open Cup. Please send us a DM if interested in attending.

Fall 2017 top 5 team, CFFC Clockwork will also be on hand for the trials as they are also looking for players to complete their rosters as well.

$5 per player to go towards field rental costs. Please bring a light and dark shirt and plenty of water. The trial will occur at Ward Park on Field C. Registration at 10:30 am and we will be starting promptly at 11:00 am.

Please send an email to if you are interested with the following information:

Contact Info:
Playing Experience:

Also you can pre-register by clicking on the FB event post below and notating your attendance. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!