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Post Hurricane Irma League Update

All of us at the CFSL hope everyone is safe and sound after the storm. This was a massive storm and many are still without power. We hope that if there was any damage to your properties it was minimal. Saying that, like many of you, some members of the Board of Directors and the office are without power and not able to perform the tasks needed to operate.

We are finally able to start getting in touch with each other and reorganizing to get the games going again. The office staff is working remotely with only access to emails so please pardon delays in responses. We have received word the following parks are closed until further notice due to the damage they received:

Sylvan Lake Park
Moore’s Station
West Orange Park
Central Winds Park
Red Bug Lake Park

Saying that, we will not be able to hold games this weekend due to field closures and we also feel it is not in the best interest even if we could as everyone is still trying to get their lives in order and take care of personal matters.
The schedule will be updated with new dates and once complete we will start programming onto the site and get the details to all of you.

Once again, we hope that all of you and your families are safe and had as little damage as possible. We understand how difficult everything is and want to show our support as we all try to get everything back in order.

In Soccer,

CFSL Board

Hurricane Irma

Attention everyone, we are closely monitoring Hurricane Irma and will be making decisions within the next day or two regarding games this weekend. The most recent storm projections from the National Weather Service have Florida in Irma’s path with high winds and rain arriving as early as Friday. Safety is the number one priority and we also ask everyone to make certain to make the necessary precautions as the storm closes in to protect yourself and your family. We will continue to update once more information is available.